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1990's Meet 2019: 90's Trends for Today

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

When the 90's first started reemerging in fashion, I was a bit dumbfounded. What I remembered of 90's fashion I thought I wanted to quickly forget. But when I thought more about it, I realized a lot of what I've been wearing was derived from 90's fashion. And I have to admit, the updated versions and styling of some of those pieces feel fresh and modern with a healthy dose of nostalgia.

My personal 90's influencers were Brenda, Kelly, and Donna from 90210, back when we had to actually tune in each week to see what they were wearing. My dad's closet provided all the menswear inspired clothing I needed. Here's a roundup of my favorite 90's trends, translated for today.

My Favorite 90's Comebacks

High Waisted Mom Jeans

Agolde Jamie Hi Rise jeans are iconically Kelly Taylor, 90210. Today's fit is a bit straighter and more tailored, but the light wash is back.

Jeans: Jamie Hi Rise, Agolde

V-Neck: Everlane Cotton V-Neck

Shoes: Women's Trainer in off-white, Tread by Everlane

Paper Bag Pants

Not sure they actually fully came back into style, but I kind of adore them. I owned a pair of paper bag shorts that came with a wide black belt (because everyone had a wide black belt) and they were everything back in the day. I recently found this thrifted pair and can't get enough. Wanna feel like you never got out of your jammies? These pants.

Pants: Free People (thrifted)

White v-neck tee

Brenda Walsh's top choice, the white v-neck tee is a 90's classic that as far as I know, never went out of style. My 90's version was my dad's v-neck--sorry probably wondered where all your shirts went! An oversized v-neck has the extra fabric that will allow you to finish it with a front knot 90's style. If you don't have one to borrow, go for a bit more refined version that can be tucked into your high waisted jeans. I love the Everlane Cotton V-Neck (pictured above) for that amazingly soft fabric and perfect fit--not too tight and not too oversized, with just the perfect amount of slouch.

V-neck: borrowed from hubby

Skirt: linen, Eileen Fisher (thrifted)

Apron and Slip Dresses

I had my share of slip dresses in the 90's. I also loved the apron style jumpsuit or dress, and still do. There was this pair of overalls, in particular, with that perfect square neck top and thin straps that crossed and tied in the back. Those overalls kept me comfy and chic in many 6 hour long O-Chem labs. When I found this Madewell Cross-Back Midi Dress in this silky lined fabric awhile back, I thought it was the perfect intersection of the apron and slip dress. I love layering a simple white tank underneath for a more casual look.


They are the epitome of comfort, and I had no idea several years ago that they'd actually be considered fashion someday. But yay for comfortable shoes that are fashionable! Mine are all black with thin straps, and I think it gives them that more feminine look I prefer. Get them in white for an elevated look (if you can keep them clean!).

From:, Teva Universal in bright white

Dad sneakers

Yeah, no. Or maybe, yeah? I never had these in the 90's because, well, if you lived through the 90's, you know they were NOT cool back then. Not sure they're cool now, but I love my version of Tread by Everlane Trainers in off-white. My mom says they look exactly like her geriatric pair (for the record, they do not), although comfort-wise I'm a believer. I now completely get why dads are fans.

Women's Trainer in off-white, Tread by Everlane

Dark Red Lips

My husband and I went to high school together. He remembers the red lipstick. I guess that was sort of my thing for four years. I can assure you that when my kids were little ones, I did not have the bandwidth nor the time in the morning to carefully apply a red lipstick. The good thing about getting older is your kids get older too, and you might have an extra moment to glam up in the morning, and all you really need is a red lip. Even if you don't, it's nice to have a dark red lipstick around for special occasions.

Today's lips aren't nearly as dark or matte as they were in the 90's, and a bit less severe. But when I'm feeling wild, I'll go with a dark lip liner to add some drama.

Wearing Dare You by MAC

Go on and get your 90's on. I guess they were pretty rad after all.

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