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5 x 5 By Friends Challenge

Candice Tay had her stylish husband pick out five items from her closet to style over 5 days. Thus, the #5x5byfriends challenge was born. As my own husband barely notices what I'm wearing on any given day, I thought it would be fun to have the 10-year-old pick my 5 items. Well played or mistake? We shall soon find out.

Fun twist: we were vacationing in Hawaii during the challenge! Which actually meant I didn't need to wear layer upon layer of clothing to beat the summer fog. I'd say that was fortunate timing with fabulous backdrop opportunities, regardless of what items she picked!

It was a mad rush to get five people on an early flight a few days after camps ended, so I had her do the picking once we got there. So I had basically already narrowed it down for her (but for some reason still had about twice as much clothing as I could possibly wear in my suitcase).

She chose:

black wrap gauze dress black tank top

white tank top

yellow gauze shorts

denim cut-offs.

OK, I could work with that.

Here are the five looks. I didn't plan on it, but I wore the wrap dress 3 times! Which is funny to me, because I thought I would practically live in shorts and tees. Does this mean I'm growing up? I do think this calls for more closet dress remixes!

Day 1: Black Tank + Cut-Offs

Shorts: Rag & Bone jeans, cut

Day 2: Black gauze wrap dress, as a cover-up

Dress: Madewell ( 1 yo)

Swimsuit: old J Crew

Day 3: Black Gauze Dress Over Shorts

Dress: Madewell

Shorts: Rag & Bone jeans, cut

Day 4: White Tank + Yellow Shorts

Top + shorts: old J Crew

Day 5: Black Gauze Dress, worn backwards

Dress: Madewell

So what's the verdict? How did the 10-year-old do?

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