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A Six Dollar Scarf is the Only Swimsuit Cover-Up You'll Need

Updated: Jul 6, 2019

Summer in the city is here, which means people are heading to Hawaii and other hot weather destinations in droves. I love seeing all the posts of families enjoying time together swimming at the pool, playing at the beach, searching for the next local delicacy, and most importantly--off their devices!

As our trip approaches, I start to think about packing my bag, which includes swimsuit cover-ups. Since lots of our time will be spent in our swimsuits, it's nice to have a few options other than cut-offs and a tee to lounge around in between swim times. Usually I overpack and bring way too many cover-up options, which I don't end up wearing. I mean, who wants to worry about what they're gonna wear? You're in paradise! You're supposed to be relaxing for godsakes!

Last week, a friend was looking for a versatile dress that could be used as a cover-up. It got me thinking that I should post about options you probably already have in your closet that could be used as cover-ups. In fact, I might still do that. But for this post, I got stuck on styling the six dollar scarf I recently bought at Nordstrom Rack.

I couldn't find the exact scarf online, but here's a similar scarf in a different pattern. I picked it up on a clearance rack (you might have to actually go in store for this one) and I really liked the colors and the floral print. The bold border prevents it from looking like a giant tablecloth. It's 55"x55", 100% thin polyester with a beautiful drape to it. When you're looking for a scarf, look for one that doesn't have a right and wrong side--so both sides of the fabric should look the same. Also, go for a bolder color or print than you're used to! It will look fantastic against a background of aqua blue water and sand. Can't you just see it?

As a girl growing up loving fashion, I had two Barbies and I would style them with a bunch of quilting squares and safety pins given to me by my mom. So you can only imagine how much fun I had with this. When I think of sarongs or wraps over swimsuits, I sort of think of something kind of outdated. But after playing with the styling with nothing but knots, I've happily changed my tune. This scarf will be an essential in my suitcase, and in fact, this may be the only cover-up I'll need on my trip! Yay for packing light and simplifying!

Here are 7 ways to style the scarf. Pull the skirt version up or down for a high waisted or hip version for more combinations. Visit my Instagram for the how-to video.

Let me know what seems to work and what doesn't. There are a zillion other ways to style a scarf over a swimsuit and I would love to see what you come up with! Will you be packing a scarf on your summer vacay?

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