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What's in My Bag: Girls Trip NYC

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

We are leaving SF for five. Whole. Days.

We're going to spend these days not doing dishes, not cleaning laundry, not running carpools, not checking homework, and not cooking meals.

I've been walking around with a plastered-on smile (okay yeah that's a bit creepy)...I'm so excited! I'm packing clothing for shopping, shows, and a TON of walking during a period of transitional weather. Looks like we should have temps from 52-69 degrees with some rain. The point is to have plenty of extra space in the luggage in case I have stuff to bring home, so I'm packing as lightly as possible.

The plane outfit:



Navy shawl collar sweater

Compression socks

New Balance 988 running shoes

In my bag:

2 cotton tees

1 cotton tank top

Black crewneck sweater

Vince navy pleated dot camisole midi dress (only currently available in other colors)

2 workout shorts

2 workout tops

White Polygone Stan Smiths

Black rain shell




Stance Uncommon Invisible Socks (found 3 pk at local Ross for $6)

Medium duffle bag for extra storage, folded into my roller

Now, excuse me while I go finish up the laundry and proceed to smile to myself like a goofball.

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