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The Color My Closet Challenge

Chloe Alysse of ChloAndClothes hosted the Color My Closet Challenge a few weeks ago. Each of 9 days was assigned a different color and we tried our best to incorporate the color into our daily outfits. I joined because I typically live in neutrals (denim's a color, right?) and it was the perfect excuse to explore color in my closet.

So...How Hard Was it?

I was surprised that I was able to wear each day's color. I mean, I may only own one or two items in any given color, but I wore what I had. Who knew I had a whole rainbow in my closet?

What Did I Learn?

1. Because I feel most comfortable in neutrals, when I come across color I like, I really need to ask myself if I'd actually wear it. Like actually wear it. Consequently, most of my color pieces are statement pieces. I learned that I don't need to be afraid of color, and I can definitely weave it into my daily wear (but maybe not everyday!).

2. It actually elevated my mood when I wore bright colors--yay for a mental health boost! Anyone else feel like this?

3. I incorporate a lot of color through prints, and my preference tends to be florals or geometric prints, specifically vintage or vintage-inspired ones. Thrift shops are perfect opportunities to search for colorful, unique fabrics!

4. I really appreciate pairing shades of the same color or wearing unusual color combinations, especially within prints. This is something I need to experiment with more.

9 Days

Here's a recap of my outfits for the 9 Days of the Color My Closet Challenge, with some variations not originally pictured from the challenge. Don't mind all the serious stares, I guess I was having a week. Or maybe that's just my new thing...

Day 1: PINK

Entire outfit thrifted, except shoes:

Sneakers: Tread by Everlane

Sandals: Nordstrom Rack

Day 2: RED

Pants: old Zara

Top: old Nordstrom Rack

Shoes: Everlane Day Gloves

Hat: Anthony Peto


Top and Hat: old J Crew

Pants: Scotch & Soda (sewing sample)

Shoes: Tread by Everlane

Bag: & Other Stories

Little Arm: not sold in stores


Shorts: old Rag & Bone jeans, cut

Top and Scarf: old J Crew

White Blazer: Saks in-house brand, from Off Fifth

Grey Blazer and Sneakers: Everlane The Oversized Blazer + The Trainer by Tread

Day 5: GREEN

Dress and Coat: LK Bennett

Booties: Soludos

Sneakers: Tread by Everlane

Hat: Kin the Label


Dress: Thrifted Everlane, sewing sample

Boots: Via Spiga

Hat: Kin the Label


Dress: Thrifted, Vintage Saks

Booties: Soludos


Top: Me Made Linen Top, based on pillowcase dress pattern by Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

Bermuda Shorts: Thrifted Levis, cut


Robe: old Zara

Suit: old J Crew

Hat: Eric Javits

Which is your favorite?

I think I'll be wearing neutrals for awhile after this color explosion. But I'll always have the Color My Closet Challenge.

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