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Will Target's Kona Sol Swimwear Make Me a One-Piece Convert?

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

Greatest Fears

Public speaking, heights, spiders...we're all deathly afraid of something. As I get older, my list of fears seem to grow. Remember roller coasters? Remember them being fun? Remember screaming because it was so fun? Now I'm screaming for fear of imminent death, and I can't even get any sound to come out because I'm so scared. So I'm officially failing at screaming on roller coasters now.

What's the queen of all these fears? Could it be swimsuit season and that dreaded fitting room? OK so maybe that's a bit over dramatic here. But why do fitting rooms even have florescent lighting? I just don't get it. There has to be a way to make this experience better, easier, and less stress inducing. If you want some inspiration to get to the gym, just go try on a whole slew of swimsuits. It's the back mirror that's really the clincher. That's seriously what I look like from behind?

OK, I'm here to make your experience a bit easier to swallow. You guys. I've done it. 8 months ago I'd never even taken a full length selfie. Yesterday, I actually went to Target and grabbed all the Kona Sol Collection one pieces they had in size small, and snapped fitting room selfies. If I can do it, you can do it. Fortunately, no need to take the selfies, just the trying on and standing in front of the mirror bit is enough.

The last time I owned a one piece suit was in high school. After becoming a mom, I just held onto the bikini as long as I could. Just as some people refuse to ever drive a minivan (nothing beats automatic sliding side doors for drop-off and pick-up, just saying), I never thought I'd see the day when I'd wear a one piece again. If anything screams mom, it's the quintessential full coverage one piece swimsuit.

Embracing My Mom Bod

I guess I'm finally becoming an adult because somewhere along the way I started to try to embrace my mom bod. Those child bearing hips and sagging breasts aren't going anywhere, ladies. Neither are the stretch marks or cottage cheese thighs. All good. Because we're adults. And we're embracing.

And in the spirit of embracing our bodies, I give to you the Kona Sol Swim collection from Target. If you've ever tried on a Target swimsuit--and be honest, I know all of you have--you may have sworn them off long ago. I know I had. The thin, unsupportive fabric in junior sizing and universally unflattering styles are exactly what's missing from this new collection.

The Search for a Decent One Piece Swimsuit

These suits are single-handedly responsible for my recent purchase of a one-piece suit. Priced from $34.99 to $44.99, they're a great value, and although there are pricier and better quality suits out there, for the amount of swimming I'm doing, these work great. Even on a mom budget, you can afford to get a new style this season. Sizes range from XS to 26W, so there's something for everyone.

Kona Sol Collection Features

Consistent sizing We're talking a more generous women's sizing, NOT junior sizing. Once I figured out that I was a small, all the smalls I tried on were a great fit. Like every single one. This means you can shop online, try them on in the comfort of your own home, and return what you don't want, instead of relying on the limited stock they have in stores.

Adjustable straps All the styles I tried on had adjustable strap gold metal hardware, so I assume this is par for the course for this collection. The adjustable straps help to further customize the fit.

Fully-lined fabric At this price point, it's hard to believe that the suits are fully-lined. Believe it. Some suits even have a double lining, giving the suit fabric a thicker, more supportive feel. The fabric has the right amount of stretch, pulling you in without squeezing you out. Tropical, floral, color-blocked, striped, and bohemian prints are bold and colors are vibrant.

Full coverage and decent support In classic mom style (we're embracing), the suits have awesomely full coverage on the bottom, with low cut large enough leg holes, and varying coverage on top, depending on the style and straps. Most of the bra support is at a medium level. I'm pretty small on top though, so if you're blessedly more endowed, you might need more support.

Removable cups All of the suits I tried on had removable cups. Personally, I think these should be a mandatory requirement for all swimsuits everywhere.

Modern shapes Flattering and classic but modern feeling. Some suits have strategically placed shirring, and there are plenty of chic strap variations to choose from.

The Verdict

Will I give up my bikinis? I'm probably not ready for total two-piece eradication. Maybe I'll even be that 80-year-old lady walking down the beach in my bikini and humungous straw hat (one can dream). But a new full coverage one-piece option this season? I'm definitely down for that. And in the meantime, we'll continue to try to embrace our mom bods.

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